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Nach der ersten Impfung hatte sie Schwäche, Herzklopfen, Schwindel und seit der zweiten Impfung Zittern, Muskelsprünge, Ströme und akute Erschöpfung


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Claudia Göltenboth
Claudia Göltenboth
6 months ago

Dear Orit, I`m Claudia of Germany and I want to tell you: Keep Hope Alive! I just want to write you some thoughts: Since many years I suffer from MCAS (MastCellActivationSyndrome), which makes me feel tired a lot after shopping, working in garden, cooking etc. For me, one of the helpful therapy is high Vitamin C Infusions with called „Pascrbin“ which you can learn to do yourself by a health care worker. Also helpful are Infusion with Glutathione which a lot af doctors do here after the vaccination to get the blood better and Quercetin. They assume, that of the vaccine the Mast Cells are too much triggered and the do not end the reaction. FEEL EMBRACED!! You can find me on facebook (Claudia Göltenboth) if you want to ask or write. BE BLESSED in all ways!! God is with us!!