Covid-19 Vaccine testimonies

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Covid-19 Vaccine testimonies
Three weeks after the vaccine he started to feel unwell, he was taken by ambulance to the hospital where he was diagnosed with myocarditis. He was completely disabled for several months. He continues to receive medication and is not allowed to engage in any strenuous activity.
Covid-19 Vaccine testimonies
Her family member, 14, suffered a mini-heart attack as a result of myocarditis, her cousin suffered a stroke after the booster, her friend suffered from severe vaginal bleeding, and another friend was hospitalized for uterine and ovarian inflammation after the vaccine.
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Two months after the vaccine experienced massive hair loss and baldness, tests revealed a thyroid problem. Began to experience severe fatigue, decreased endurance, and very strong chest pressures. Is currently being tested for suspected myocarditis
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Shortly after the vaccine he felt strong pressure in his chest and accelerated heartbeats. A week and a half after the vaccination he was rushed to the hospital with severe chest pain, numbness in his hands and feet and was diagnosed with pericarditis.
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A few hours after the vaccine she developed an allergic reaction of shortness of breath that required treatment. A week later she suffered from menstrual-like vaginal bleeding. Experienced aggravation of an existing digestive problem. In addition, she felt dull chest pain throughout the period and was recently diagnosed with inflammation of the heart muscle envelope.