Covid-19 Vaccine testimonies

After the second vaccine became pregnant, a few weeks later aborted the fetus


Covid-19 Vaccine testimonies

Two days after the second vaccination, unbearable pain began in the right leg, after a period also in the left leg. Receives epidural injections to treat pain. Diagnosed with inflammation of the spine


Covid-19 Vaccine testimonies

Immediately after the second vaccine he developed acute ear infection, was hospitalized for five days, after discharge underwent a stroke, a few months later underwent a second stroke. Today every left side of him is dysfunctional, suffering from excruciating pain.


One week after the second vaccination, he was taken by ambulance to the hospital due to pressure and burning in his chest. Diagnosed with myocarditis. Defined as blue-hearted today and being treated with medication


Her daughter Alona, after the vaccination, experienced an outbreak of a rare autoimmune disease. Currently defined with a 100% disability