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After the vaccination her mother felt unwell, for about ten days she experienced a rapid and irregular pulse, and severe joint and muscle pain. Since then he has experienced a deterioration in function. Before the vaccine she was independent and energetic and today she uses a treadmill.


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Wenke Langhof-Gold
Wenke Langhof-Gold
5 days ago

Very similar story to my mum. She lives in Germany and had Pfizer. She is 72, used to cycle 15/20km most days, do yoga and a sports group for flexibility. After the vaccine, she developed heart palpitations that seemed to go after about a week, then she got muscle aches that would literally put her into a chair. She could not exercise or be the active person she had been and she was convinced it was the vaccine. She had both doses and the booster, finally now she has the courage to say she will not have any more shots. (She is someone who “does what the government tells her.” Grew up in socialist East Germany). She bought an electric bike so she goes cycling again, but she herself says she wishes now that she had had the courage to not take the vaccines. Her fear made her have it. We need these voices to be heard!